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Do you see all of those peach stands every year around town?

Palisade Peaches basically sell themselves.

All you need are some signs and a sweet spot to set up a table and hustle peaches.

Is it profitable?
There’s a reason why there are more and more peach stands popping up every year.  Yes, it’s very profitable.  And with all of the people moving to Denver, there’s always a need for more peach stands.  It’s a great way to get a tan, earn some easy cash, meet people, and hustle some awesome produce.


Whether it’s for fundraising or a side job, Fresh Start Produce Too wants to help set you up for some fun in the sun making easy cash selling peaches!  We know exactly how to run a stand and do a darn good job at it.  We will share our experience with you so you can be successful to and educate you about the product you are selling.   Peaches can be purchased from us at a wholesale price leaving you with an opportunity to really profit. We will even deliver the peaches to you!


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To contact us to order, call Jackie at   303-842-7986

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