Get Smoothie and Juicing Produce delivered to your door (or pick up at our warehouse) for week long deliciousness!

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We are excited to share our wholesale prices and passion for a healthy life style, while supporting local to convenience your smoothing and juicing habits.


Let us help you save time and money with our weekly supply of produce for SMOOTHIES and/or JUICES (7 Smoothies or 7 Juices per weekly order). We will provide the Fresh Produce and Recipes for you to create your own healthy creations! We will incorporate Colorado produce when in season.

SMOOTHIES – $35   includes fresh produce for 7 Smoothies

JUICES – $35   includes fresh produce for 7 Juices

Recipes on Fridays via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at


$35 for 7 Smoothies

$35 for 7 Juices

Orders need to be in by Mondays at 10 pm


Smoothie and Juice packages are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at our warehouse:

Fresh Start Produce Too
3225 Denargo Street  Denver, CO  80216

DELIVERY ($5 delivery fee)

Wednesdays, we deliver to : Highlands, Sloans Lake, Sunnyside, Union Station
Thursdays, we deliver to: Rino, Lodo, Caphill, Five Points, Washpark



SMOOTHIE KITS will be primarily fruits supplimented with green vegetables (spinach, kale, etc.). JUICE KITS are based with primarily vegetables (beets, carrots, ginger, broccoli, etc.) and balanced with fruit choices (since the yield for juicing is less than a smoothie, the juicing kits will contain a larger quantity of produce).
Each week’s produce will be different depending on the recipes and seasonal choices.


Smoothies are created by blending whole fruits with vegetables and adding a base of milk, yogurt (or juice) and often ice until a creamy drink is created.

– lots of fiber for a thicker consistency
– you consume the entirety of the fruits & veggies that go into the  mix
– fiber slows down digestion and makes you feel fuller for longer
– more nutrients


Juicing uses a specialized machine to extract the liquid juice from the solid fibers (which are usually discarded) of vegetables and fruits.

– very little fiber for a lighter drink
– micronutrients and sugars in a primarily liquid form are easier and quicker to digest
– increased natural digestive efficiencies.



Q: Is the produce already portioned out?
A: No the produce will come in bulk, but the two national companies that offer this service deliver their fruit frozen.  Our produce is as fresh as it gets and we give you the portions you need to make a delicious smoothie.

Q:  Do you source locally?
A:  When in season, we will source as much as we can locally.  Get ready for summer produce!

Q: Can I pick what items I want?
A: At this time we are keeping it very simple, but looking to have more options.

Q: Can you deliver out of your network?
A:  At this time we are keeping our network close to the warehouse, but look for an expanding delivery route as we grow.  Luckily we offer pickup at our warehouse from 5 am- 3 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays

Q: Why us?
A:  We are drastically cheaper than the grocery store an we are cheaper than the two national companies that deliver!

Q: How do the kits come packaged?
A: They will come in recyclable paper bags (national companies use boxes) and the produce will be bulk packed with a suggested recipe card.

For more information on Fresh Start Produce Too SMOOTHIES and JUICES contact:   Jackie Huban


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